Fifora Royal – Because Your Cat Is Royalty

Fifora – Naturally Balanced Pet Food

Fifora – Super Premium Paté

Covering the nutritional needs of all sizes and breeds from small to large

Chunks In Gravy

Tender chunks of meat in a velvety gravy sauce, one way to add more moisture and deliciousness to your pet’s diet

Fifora: manufacturer of canned pet food

Company introduction: Eram Talaee Iranian Company is one of the most prominent manufacturers of canned pet food in Iran. Focusing on quality, healthy and delicious nutrition, and providing value-for-money pet products, the company has won a high reputation and popularity among its customers and consumers.

Products: Eram Talaee Iranian under the Fifora brand, as a company specializing in the production of canned food for pets, provides a variety of products to its customers. These products include canned meat and fish, with different categories such as chicken, sheep, beef, salmon, tuna and many more. Also, Eram Talaee Iranian Company uses high quality and fresh raw materials and carries out their production process in compliance with industrial and health standards.

Quality and healthy nutrition: One of the prominent features of Fifora is focusing on the quality and healthy nutrition of products. The foods produced by this company are presented using high-quality and fresh raw materials, along with the right combination of required food elements. These products are completely under quality control and produced in compliance with international standards to provide the best feeding experience for pets.

Variety and range of products: Fifora offers products with a wide variety and range. This variety allows pet owners to choose the right food and the best options for their pets. According to the different needs of pets, Eram Talaee Iraniyan company offers products that provide proper and regular nutrition for animals.

Commitment to protect the environment: Fifora also cares about protecting the environment. In the production process, the company uses recyclable materials and cleans the environment and tries to reduce the environmental impact. Also, the packaging of the products is done in a way that helps to maintain the freshness and quality of the products.

Summary: Focusing on quality, healthy nutrition and variety of products, Fifora is known as a prominent producer of canned pet food in Iran. This company offers high-quality and high-value products by complying with international production standards and taking into account the different needs of pets. Also, with a commitment to preserve the environment, Fifora provides quality pet foods with reduced environmental impact.

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